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Featured Blend

Our Feature Blend is Gale Force !

$14.99 per lb



Check out our AeroPress!

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**  44.99 CAD (taxes included)

2 lbs coffee of choice and an Aeropress for $70. (taxes included)

Choose first coffee choice
Choose second coffee choice

Gift Bag – Made out of coffee sacks, fits an Aeropress and 2 lbs of coffee or multiple bags of coffee    $3.00

Gale Force Espresso

Gale Force Espresso – $14.99 per lb

Costa Rican

Costa Rican – $14.99 per lb

Ranchers Roast

Ranchers Roast – $14.99 per lb

Homestead Blend

Homestead Blend – $14.99 per lb

Zephyr Espresso

Zephyr Espresso – $14.99 per lb

Colombian Decaffeinated

$14.99 per lb.

The decaffeination process used for this coffee is called sugarcane ethyl acetate (E.A.)  It is a natural process that results amazing flavour.  This Decaffeinated Colombian is a must to try!